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Teaching - For the Love of It

Teaching - For the love of it newspaper articleObserving personal growth that comes with development of young minds is what keeps Dennis Unger in the teaching profession.

A classroom veteran of more than 25 years, Unger is in his second year as a math instructor at Pomerene Elementary School having taught the previous five years at St. David Unified School District. He happened on the profession after having first worked as a carpenter but came to the abrupt realization that [Canadian] winters were just too cold.

To be a part of the process firsthand is indescribable, he said.

“Seeing growth in the students; that’s what I love being a teacher for… it’s a love to see the learning process… I love to see when the light bulb comes on,” said Unger, a few minutes removed last Thursday from a lesson on prime numbers. He cites technological advances as the biggest change in education and one which continues to evolve with much frequency.

“The biggest thing is technology in the classroom and also the standards are a lot more complex than they used to be,” he said. “There is a lot more reading and math standards than before.”

Unger teaches fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math, along with coding and technology, and Pomerene School Superintendent/Principal Mike Sherman is only too happy to have Unger on board at the tiny school in the small community northeast of Benson.

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