Panther News

School is a huge part of family and community life. It’s where our children spend their days; it’s where we gather to cheer on the team, celebrate talent, and promote the pursuit of lifelong learning. Come to this page often to keep apprised of the news and events that affect your family.

McTeacher's Night

We want to thank everyone who participated in our McTeacher’s night on September 26. This was our biggest turn-out ever, and we're so very thankful to have such a supportive community! There remains one school yet to participate as we compete for an additional $500. We look forward to sharing the results of this friendly but fierce competition!

School Letter Grade

The Arizona Department of Education has released the state’s school letter grades. We are proud to say that Pomerene Elementary School has received an A label! We are the only K–8 school in our valley to receive an A. We would like to thank and congratulate our students, staff, and community for a collaborative effort in achieving this status. 

Although this is great news, this accomplishment is recognition for last year’s hard work. In order to remain in this good light, we must stay focused on what we are doing now as students, parents, and educators. Let’s stay humble, keep working hard, and good things will continue to happen for Pomerene School!