Pomerene Elementary School Governing Board

The five individuals on our school board are elected community members who volunteer their time for the benefit of our school district and the students who attend our schools. They assist the district in planning, budgeting, and implementing school programs and help ensure fiscal responsibility.

Please Join Us

We value the input of our community and invite you to provide your comments regarding the items open for review. Please provide us with your comments via email so we can take all viewpoints into consideration prior to making a decision.

We hold our meetings on the first Monday of every month at 5:00 p.m. in the Pomerene School library at 1396 N. Old Pomerene Road, Pomerene, Arizona. 

Board Member Vacancy

Pomerene School is looking to fill a vacant board member position. Please contact the school if you have an interest in this position.

Meet Our Governing Board Members

Lianna Contrearas

Donald Fenn

Shelly Crockett

Danna Judd

Maggie Montijo