Awards & Recognitions

Please indulge us as we toot our own horn just a little. We’re pretty proud of what we—administrators, teachers, staff, students, parents, and community members—work hard to accomplish here at Pomerene, and we want to share some of the ways our efforts are paying off.

We Are an “A” School!

Pomerene Elementary School has received an "A" designation from the Arizona Department of Education. This is a symbol of the value each of you place on the education delivered at Pomerene. This label was attainable because of partnerships developed between the school, community, and parents. Each plays a critical role in student success, and we want to thank our parents for allowing Pomerene School to educate your children. During the 2018-19 school year, it is our commitment to continue to deliver the high standard of education, building parental partnerships, and teaching traditional values that our community has expected at Pomerene for over 100 years. With these principles as our foundation, we know all children will attain their full potential and be prepared to seize opportunities in the future.